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Plano Adult Martial Arts and Kids Kung Fu

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Plano Kung Fu Classes

Plano martial arts school kung fu planoThe Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute provides traditional kung fu training for serious martial arts students in the Dallas and Plano area with  martial arts instruction in Shaolin Five Animals Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan (Internal Kung Fu), Long Fist (Northern Kung Fu), San Da (Kung Fu Fighting), Shuai Chiao (Chinese  wrestling), ChinNa (submission techniques), Self Defense and 18 Traditional Kung Fu Weapons. Specialized martial arts classes for adults and children in North Dallas and Plano, TX. Traditional Chinese Kung Fu training. Martial Arts classes for adults and children of all levels.

Start your traditional kung fu training today! The Plano martial arts classes are convenient to North Dallas, Richardson, Allen and Frisco.
  • Shaolin Five Animals Kung Fu
  • Chinese Weapon Forms
  • Traditional Kung Fu Training
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Adult Kung Fu
  • Yoga for Martial Arts
  • Fight Conditioning
  • Kids Martial Arts
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Shaolin Kung Fu and Martial Arts classes in Plano, TX (Dallas) at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute offer the best opportunity for students to train in Traditional Kung Fu. The Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute offers martial arts classes for all ages with multiple martial arts classes daily. The Plano kids kung fu classes will challenge the students while they master new skills and further develop their body and mind. The Plano (Dallas) Adult Kung Fu training will challenge your strength, flexibility, speed and endurance while teaching you the traditional Chinese martial arts.

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