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Training at Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute

Take your martial arts training to the next level!
Plano Kung Fu Martial Arts classesThe Dallas and Plano area martial arts classes at the Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute (wu-yi means martial arts in Chinese) are based on the kung fu training curriculum of the Nanjing Guosu Institute,1928 and the Taipei Martial Arts Association, 1951. Both of these famous martial arts schools taught a comprehensive martial arts curriculum including both Northern and Southern kung fu fighting styles as well as internal kung fu training. Members of SWYI martial arts and kung fu school in Plano, TX benefit from training in Striking and Kicking, QinNa anti-grappling and controlling techniques, Shuai Chiao Chinese wrestling / takedowns, Tui Shou (Tai Chi Push Hands), weapons training and Fight Conditioning for MMA and Full Contact Kung Fu fighting (San Shou) as well as Yoga (Ashtanga & Hot Vinyasa).

We offer multiple daily kung fu and martial arts classes in Plano, TX for both Adults and Children of all skill levels. Take your martial arts training to a higher level with Chinese kung fu and get started today!

Shaolin Wu-Yi Institute